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Warman Competition

Students studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Adelaide compete in the Warman Competition as part of their second year course, MECH ENG 2100 Design Practice.

Heats are held as part of MECH ENG 2100 Design Practice and the campus winners then converge on the national final to determine who are the region's best budding designers.

2015 Competition

Project "EXTRACT": Extract, Transport and Relocate Accumulated Treasure

The inhabitants of Gondwana, a small planet on the outer fringes of our Galaxy, are immensely wealthy and have accumulated vast reserves of intergalactic treasures. These treasures are typically stored in fenced areas with limited security. A recent review of security has identified the need for all treasure to be relocated to underground storage pits for safe keeping.

In the “ACME Pinnacle Laboratory”, the Gondwanan Security Agency (GSA) is currently examining the logistics of relocating the treasure. A concept for a new autonomous system to extract, transport and relocate the treasure is being investigated. The treasure is typically packaged in spherical containers and stored in fenced areas and must be urgently transported to new underground storage pits. The GSA is struggling with the development of a system to efficiently and reliably relocate the treasure in a timely manner.

The challenge:
The desire is to develop an autonomous ground based system that will extract, transport and relocate the packaged treasure. GSA staff are struggling to build a laboratory based concept to satisfy this task. Fortunately, teams of engineering students from Earth are about to visit Gondwana as part of their work experience programmes. On 27 previous visits engineering students have rendered invaluable assistance with such engineering problems, and the Gondwanans again seek help from these budding engineers.

The objective is to design, build and prove a prototype ground based system in a laboratory environment that serves to extract, transport and relocate a payload over a defined terrain.

Can you design the best system to Extract, Transport and Relocate Accumulated Treasure?
2015 RULES
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