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Design & Build Competition

The Design and Build Competition is an event held by the School of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Adelaide during semester 1 Orientation Week every year. The purpose of this competition is to introduce new students to the School, to encourage group work in an engineering setting, and to foster a sense of community within a fun and challenging activity.

Previous year's events have involved students designing and building small contraptions that are required to complete set tasks, such as racing a small vehicle transporting an uncooked egg, or building a launch device to play a game of ten pin bowling. Teams compete head-to-head and a range of prizes are awarded including for the competition winners as well as for the best engineering design.

How it runs

The competition starts on the Monday of the Orientation Week when groups are formed and are given their design task (refer rules). Students attend one lecture through the week on team work and a workshop on Wednesday that outlines how to write a brief report. On the Friday of the same week, the competition is held on the lawns of the Walter Young Garden (near the Engineering South building) of the University grounds between 10:00am and 3:00pm. A BBQ lunch is provided for participants at 12:00pm.

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