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Near Net Shape Forming

The term near net shape forming, N2SF, covers a wide range of manufacturing routes where there is no need for major post manufacturing treatments. This includes die forging and permanent mould casting.

For casting, it covers the techniques where the as-cast product does require none or at least a minimum amount of post-solidification treatments. These are the following operations:

  1. Removal of feeding system
  2. Cleaning and removal of cores
  3. Machining
  4. Heat treatment

In this regard, it is anticipated to have metallic molds in most cases, together with specialised machines and/or procedures to classify a casting technique as the “Near Net Shape Casting”, N2SC. The key word here is “precision”.

Some of the main activities of the Structure and Materials Group (SMG) are concentrated on N2SC processes, with Semi-Solid-Metal (SSM) processing as some of its core activities. In addition, SMG staff worked on powder metallurgy as another important route for near net shape production of engineering components. They produced industrial parts such as iron based alloys parts used in auto-shock absorbers manufactured by Monroe Australia, Adelaide, production of inert anodes, or production of intermetallics compounds, to mention just a few.

Structures and Materials Group (SMG)



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