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Structures and Materials Group

Structures and Materials Group

The Structures and Materials Group (SMG) aims to bring together mechanical engineers, metallurgists, materials engineers, applied mathematicians, and physicists in the common pursuit of improving and evaluating structures, materials and processing technologies. This group concentrates on critical infrastructure such as pipelines, railways and pressure vessels, bio-materials, nano-structures, composites, coatings and advanced manufacturing processes.

SMG was established as a University based research group to accommodate and coordinate various inter related research activities of the Structures and Materials disciplines, broadly defined within the School of Mechanical Engineering. The main purpose of the Group is to pursue research on key topics on structural health monitoring, manufacturing processes and asset lifetime extension by introducing innovative and/or improved engineering materials, processes and monitoring techniques. Our experts are world leaders in their respective fields who are able to transfer and implement SMG's "know-how" to an industrial environment.

For further information including available Masters and PhD opportunities with SMG, please contact us or respective academic staff.

Structures and Materials Group (SMG)



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