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Researchers in the School of Mechanical Engineering have developed new technologies relevant for defence applications. Several examples are listed below.

Diesel Engine Testing Facility The school has a laboratory for conducting acoustic testing of exhaust systems attached to a large diesel engine loaded by a water-brake dynamometer. The facility has been used to develop technologies for reducing tonal exhaust noise.

Lonsdale laboratory

Adaptive Tuned Vibration Neutraliser An adaptive tuned vibration neutraliser was developed to enhance the attenuation of tonal vibration in a two-stage vibration isolation mount. The system automatically tuned to changes in the frequency of the source disturbance. Learn more

Adaptive Tuned Vibration Neutralizer

Active Control of Gearbox Vibration An active vibration control system was developed to move the shaft of a gear, which significantly attenuated the vibration generated by the gearbox. Learn more

Active control of gearbox vibration

Multi-channel Underwater Communications By using multiple communication channels and time-reversal in underwater communications, even if a channels is intercepted, it is not possible to reconstruct the data-stream. Learn more

Secure underwater communications

Control Theory for a Hovering Rocket Specialised guidance control systems are required for a hovering rocket such that is can manoeuvre with agility and stability. Learn more

Hovering Rocket

Estimating the Size of Defects in Bearings Detailed analysis of the vibration signature of a bearing can reveal the actual size of a defect, without having to dismantle the bearing. Learn more

Vibration condition monitoring of bearings

Flow Over a Closed Cavity High speed airflow over a closed cavity can cause unwanted fluctuations.

Flow over a cavity

Adaptive Exhaust Silencer for Diesel Engines An adaptive-passive exhaust silencer was developed for diesel engines that significantly attenuates tonal exhaust noise and automatically adapts to changes in engine speed, engine load, and exhaust gas temperature. Learn more

Exhaust Silencer

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