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Experimental investigation of broadband trailing edge noise from sharp-edged struts

Experimental investigation of broadband trailing edge noise from sharp-edged struts

Danielle J. Moreau, Laura A. Brooks, Con J. Doolan (2011)

Proceedings of the 17th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference, Portland, Oregon, 5 - 8 June


This paper presents results of a comprehensive empirical study on the flow and noise generated by the trailing edge of a at strut at low-to-moderate Reynolds number. Simultaneous measurements of the flow and far-field noise have been taken for three at plate models with new trailing edge geometries in an anechoic wind tunnel at the University of Adelaide. The far-field acoustic data are scaled according to existing theory and compared with predictions of trailing edge noise obtained using current semi-empirical methods. Mean and unsteady velocity data have been measured in the very near trailing edge wake with hot-wire anemometry and these data are related to the far- eld noise measurements. Additionally, spectral maps of the uctuating velocity about the trailing edge are presented. Experimental data of this kind provides greater insight into the trailing edge noise mechanism and can be used to further develop and validate trailing edge noise prediction models.

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