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Business and Industry

The University of Adelaide is one of the most research-intensive universities in Australia. With an outstanding track record that produces real commercial outcomes, we are committed to investing in research excellence and delivering the highest quality results for our local and global community.

Collaborative research projects between industry and universities offer significant scope for the development of new knowledge and practices, and solutions to technical problems - all of which translate into significant economic and social advantages.

  • How Can We Help Your Business?

    The School of Mechanical Engineering can assist with solving technical problems and develop state-of-the-art technology and processes to make your business more efficient. If your organisation is a legal firm, we can provide expert advice on a range of technical issues. This collaboration with industry partners and involvement in real-world research and consulting brings a unique authority to the teaching of our degrees and ensures our teaching programs are strengthened with content relevant to current industry needs.

  • Consulting Projects and Test Facilities

    The School is proud of its consulting and testing record. The demand for its services is such that a commercial arm, EngTest was established to coordinate the work. Through EngTest, the expertise, experience and facilities traditionally viewed as being solely for research and undergraduate teaching are available to the wider community. Clients range from large national and international companies, government agencies, external consultants and legal firms to fledgling organisations and inventors. Academic staff are also called upon regularly to act as expert witnesses in legal cases.

    The School has a range of unique facilities that are available for product testing and for research and development.

    Highly skilled technical staff and fully equipped instrumentation, electronics and mechanical workshops support the sophisticated facilities and equipment necessary to sustain the commercial and research activities of the School.

  • Design and Build Competitions

    The first week of Semester 1 is devoted to the School's Design and Build Competition involving all undergraduate and postgraduate students in the School.

    Students are divided into approximately 25 groups of up to 10 students per group (comprising two or three students from each year of the degree and a postgraduate student as a group leader).

    Cash prizes are awarded for the best performing device and the best overall project.

    Lectures are given on group dynamics and project management as well as on the principles of operation of the device to be designed and built.

    Your organisation can be involved by providing professional engineers as mentors for a few hours during the week. We believe that this exercise will improve the corporate culture in the School as well as enhancing essential practical and communication skills of students.

    For more information on sponsorship opportunity, please contact the Competition Coordinator Dr John Codrington.

  • Companies Associated With the School

    The School of Mechanical Engineering is proud to be associated with the following companies:

    • Adelaide Airport Limited (AAL)
      Many of our staff are members of the Centre for Energy Technology(CET). Adelaide Airport Limited(AAL) is the inaugural Platinum Partner of CET.
    • Australian Solar Institute (ASI)
      The Australian Solar Thermal Research Initiative (ASTRI) Solar Fuels Project provides funding for a research program in concentrating solar power(CSP) across a number of Australian institutions.
    • DSTO
      The Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) is part of Australia's Department of Defence.
    • Eka Software Solutions
      The School's research includes collaboration for the study and development of a 3D real-time stockpile management system.
    • SA Water
      The School of Mechanical Engineering and SA Water have developed a technique to remove algae from water using ultrasound.


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